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Aramco choose Al Barrak Door Factory to install Road Barrier and Hydraulic Blocker in many areas of its projects in Saudi Arabia, also Bombay Shutter and Industrial Roll up Doors.


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UL Certificate from American Global Company

Affirming its commitment to the highest standards of security and safety in all its products, the Brac Carbage Door Factory, a subsidiary of the Brac Group of Trade, Industry and Contracting Company, was certified by the American World Company. (UL) Safety Consulting (UL) states that the plant's isolated and uninsulated cloud door products can withstand the fire for an hour after testing in the United States last May.
It is reported that the Brac Crane Door Factory has already obtained similar certificates from UL for emergency door products known commercially as Halometer Door, indicating that it can withstand the fire for an hour. UL is one of the world's best security and safety testing companies. Through its worldwide labs, it conducts rigorous testing, supported by state-of-the-art technology, to ensure a product above expectations and with secure standards. So is our commitment to our "brilliant and secure" clients.


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Among several manufacturers and suppliers SABIC has chosen Al-Barrak automatic doors to manufacture, supply and install 1280 Villasroll up door In Jelmoudah, Doors are equipped with ATA GDO-6 Operators . This project strengthens quality reputation we have gained and built throughout the years. Sabic choose Al barrak Door Factory for their project with Bejing Construction to install 2850 Roll Up Door With ATA GOD 6 Motor .


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Secico choose Al Barrak Door Factory to install many of our products Road Barriers , Bombay Shutter , Hollow Metal Door , Isolated Doors and Aluminum Slats .


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Abdallah Al-Othem Company

Abdallah Al - Athim's company is a client whose full satisfaction drives them to work with us all over the kingdom.


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Ministry of Municipal and Village Affairs

The Ministry of Municipal and Village Affairs has selected the Brac Automatic Door Factory as the Rolle for its market, which is the largest enterprise in the Kingdom. We are keen to adhere to global quality standards and measurements.


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ISO Certificate

Al Barrak Group has obtained an ISO certificate for the purpose to ensure the quality of internationally agreed requirements .


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National Guard Choose Al Barrak Door Factory for The group five project in Eastern Province to install Industrial Roll up Door for the stores and Road Barriers for External Gates


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Eastern Province Municipality choose Al Barrak Door Factory to install more than 60 Road Barriers 6 m-4m for all its branches.


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Supplying metal doors for the Holy Sites Project in Makkah Al-mukarramah, Hajj 2023. It is made of galvanized steel with a thickness of 1.5 mm, it injected with polyurethane, 1200 doors were supplied with their accessories from Albarrak Garage Doors Company. It has been approved by the project management and consultants due to its high-quality specifications.

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