Industrial Sliding Gate Operators

Al-Barrak’s sliding gate operators are sourced from CAME, Italy. CAME is Europe’s leading manufacturer of a complete range of electro-mechanical automatic gate control systems that comply with the UNI 8612 standard. Top-quality control systems designed for external installation with no need for periodic maintenance are the primary reason for the success of CAME products.
In private residences and condominiums, heavy-duty use resulting from a heavy gate often requires motors with a high power rating, and for this reason, the BX and BY 1500 and 3500 series include a number of different models. The BXE is equipped with an encoder and an obstacle detection system for added safety, and the BY 1500 and 3500 can power gates weighing between 1500 and 3500 kg. As is true for all CAME gear motors, these systems are designed for outdoor installation—even on existing gates—since they can withstand severe weather conditions and are equipped with a system for opening the gate manually in case of power failure. Recently, Key Company's K4000 kg motor and Quiko Company's Q6000kg joined our collection of products.

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